Bikes in the city

Does your city have a public bike rental system? Do you use it?


It’s my second week here in the city of Luxembourg now and I love their Veloh system. It’s easy to use, cheap and convenient. 1 EUR for 7 day ticket, 15 EUR for an annual subscription. First 30 minutes are free, c’est-à-dire you can ride for free the whole year. I mean, if you have cycled for more than 30 minutes in Luxembourg, you are doing something wrong and probably already are in Belgium/France/Germany. Then again, you can also always switch bikes at 29:59 (it has to be different stations, though).

It’s similar to Vélib’ in Paris or Villo! in Brussels. Finally, there’s also something like it in Bulgaria, at the seaside city of Burgas (VeloBurgas). The website is horrific but I hope the system is nothing like it. I used to bike every day when I studied in the Netherlands back in 2009/2010. It sure always helps when your country is really flat. I try to do it in Sofia as well. If you want to rent a bike in our capital, look for Sofia Bike Rental.

By the way, have you ever wondered how come there are always enough bikes and enough free spots to leave your bike? Well, almost always. Here’s the explanation:

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