Blogs and guides about Bulgaria in English

There’s still not enough information about Bulgaria in English. Here I will list all the known paper travel guides about Bulgaria and the travel bloggers that I know that write regularly or have written some articles about our country. If you think someone is missing, please let me know at I am seriously considering a project to invite more travel bloggers to visit Bulgaria and shout about it to the world.

Travellers through Bulgaria:


Regular blog posts (expats or Bulgarians):

Bulgarians travelling around the world:

11 thoughts on “Blogs and guides about Bulgaria in English

    1. Hey, thanks for contacting me! I am curious how did you get to my blog?

      I’d be happy to add your blog to the list 🙂 If you can put a link to mine somewhere, that would be awesome. Thanks in advance!

  1. Thank you Boyko for putting together this list and for mentioning us! We created a special section in our blog to pay attention to magical places(lots of them related to wine somehow) and constantly share on instagram our experiences in Bulgaria.
    We are also developing the idea of extraordinary theme tours in Bulgaria for foreigners and Bulgarians who would like to explore the country in an unconventional way. Your thoughts on that will be highly appreciated!
    Thank you again for gathering so much info about Bulgaria!

    1. Hey! I am happy you like the idea. I will keep posting relevant websites here. I would be happy to hear more about these theme tours, shoot me an email at Maybe you could do some cooperation with the 365 Association, organizing the Free Sofia Tour?

  2. Hi there! I just wrote this blog about Bulgaria, just got back from a round trip. I’m a working traveler, basically I want to prove that you can combine work with travel as long as you are flexible and creative 🙂 I loved Bulgaria, it really surprised me in a very positive way. Could you please mention my blog here?
    Thank you so much in advance, fellow blogger 🙂 Kind regards, Karen from Nomadic Travel Bliss

  3. Hello,

    I have written about Sofia Bulgaria and thought you may be interested in sharing it with others. Thanks for sharing your suggestions too – they are great.

    Here is the link to the article itself:

    I hope people will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed visiting and writing about Sofia Bulgaria. Do let me know your constructive feedback, I’m glad to learn.


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