Money can’t bring happiness, Austrian.

Remember how Austrian lied to me and overbooked my flight twice in one day?I must say I got 250 EUR for the voluntary reroute and just got the email for another 250 EUR for the involuntary reroute. Reply came less than 3 weeks after my email complaint which is pretty fast (I imagine the amount of complaints they receive given how often they appear to overbook their flights). 500 EUR later, however, I still have a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth. Why? Check out their email:

Dear Mr. Blagoev,
We deply regret the inconveniences you have been affected by the overbooked flight and the additional Air Craft change. Please let us know your banc account with IBAn and BIC/SWIFT and we will do the transfer of EUr 250.- to your account
Best regards

Short and impersonal, without much ‘moral’ compensation, straight to the point of financials. The email even has grammar and spelling errors. How difficult it is to prepare a bit longer template email that feels a bit more sincere?

And how difficult would it be to send an additional small token to show you are really sorry? Like a 15EUR meal for their next flight, or a branded key holder. Whatever, just something not expected and additional to the standard procedure. It would make a huge difference. You might want to see this, Austrian. I just expected more from you. Especially after the nice and fast tweet replies of yours.

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