I am alive.

I’m just very very busy trying to do all the things on the bucket list and cover the 30 before 30. In all fairness, after the trip to Nepal, together with 6 friends of mine, I have been busy organising a charity exhibition for the children of Nepal. Don’t want to brag, just want to say thank you to all who supported us in collecting more than 5000EUR to help.

However, in the meantime, I managed to do quite a lot of things which are worthy of a blog post. Here’s a quick overview, hopefully I would have time to get in details soon:

Sopot in my feet

Went paragliding (after almost 10 years of procrastinating) near the city of Sopot in Bulgaria. I have to admit I was pretty scared but it was awesome to have the world in my feet. Berlin WallSaw the Berlin wall but above all I visited a city I have heard so much about. And it’s all true. I think that Berlin and Barcelona are definitely among my top cities to live in.
Dive into the unknown

Dived into the unknown. First, with a test scuba dive, then with a wakeboarding lesson. In fact, I drank more sea water when I was trying the wakeboarding thing. But I did stood up!DSCF8335

Totally overcame my prejudice and accepted that Vienna is definitely not a boring city. It was very welcoming, even though just for a day, but I would love to come back.
Getting ready for Bastille Day fireworks in Nice

Si fueris Romae, Romano vivito more. And so I did. I was in Nice for a French language course. Not only did I improve but I also watched the fireworks for Bastille Day avec tous les Niçois.

 See what I mean here. Pas mal eh?:Fireworks for Bastille Day, Nice

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