Best airport in Europe?

I have been to my fair share of airports in Europe. Admittedly, I have only flown to 4 of the 10 top in the Business Insider’s ranking. However, I have a pretty good feel about this one. After all, I am currently writing this article from their free wi-fi on my laptop connected to their free electricity plugs on their numerous lounge chairs where you can even take a nap.

Austrian Airport Vienna

That’s pretty much everything I need from a layover airport. Oh, well, if you add fast security and passport check as well as spacious areas and big shops, I would not complain. That’s what Vienna International Airport has to offer. I know that places like Zurich even offer bike rentals but I just felt right in Vienna. Thank you, Flughafen Wien!

It’s especially nice after you come back from an airport such as Nice, which is supposed to be the second biggest in France and a nice holiday gate but instead makes you regret you ever took days off from work. Crammed, not finished, dirty, smelly and small.

Nice Airport

P.S. As I am writing this, I am also writing a pretty angry tweet at Austrian airlines. I got offered 250 EUR to give up my seat in the flight to Sofia and to take another flight 2 hours later in evening, promised seat. 7 people accepted this deal (no idea why they overbook so much, second time they offer me this for a return flight). Sweet deal, huh?

Until they changed the plane and told us they have no seats in the next flight… So we not only have to flight on the next day, but they put us on a flight through Munich, although a direct flight was available (they didn’t even ask us!!). For those who did not pay attention to geography classes, Munich is in the opposite direction of Sofia. Time to write a equally angry letter to customer service. Will keep you posted about the compensation we get.

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