Thirty before 30

I have recently turned 29. And I don’t even have a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. Until now…

To be honest, I do have a ‘bucket list‘. However, it’s more of an ideas list than a must-do-all-of-them kind of list. However, recently I realised that there’s another number 30 that’s doable before I turn 30. It would involve me visiting at least 9 new countries this year, though…

TripAdvisor Places I Have Visited

The cities list is very indicative. I am sure I have already visited more than 100. However, I know for sure that I’ve been to just 21 countries. All of them are in Europe, I know, this is another resolution that hopefully I will fulfil in a month. But how to get 9 countries in just one year? Here’s my plan.

  • 22: visit Nepal in April (ticket bought)
  • 23: visit Romania and the Transfăgărășan road some time in June or July
  • 24-25-26-27: do a Western Balkans trip with Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania and BiH in June thus finally checking all Balkan countries
  • 28: go to France for a language course in the summer and visit Monaco in July

As for the 29 and 30, I can even exceed the expectations by doing a Baltic trip including Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland (or Belarus). The idea is to do the Danske bank Vilnius Marathon 2015. Also, thinking about Georgia and/or Armenia for an unconventional August holiday. For the end of the year, I am again excited about America (be it South or North).

Anyway, there are many options so if everything goes well, I would have a very simple list for 40 things to do before I turn 40.

P.S. The number of countries in the world is actually 206, not 205.

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