There is no God in Bezbog

That’s not an article about religion.

It’s about one of my favourite places in the world – Bezbog. The name means “Without God“. Legend has it that during the Ottoman occupation locals climbed to the top of the mountain to ask the Almighty for help. As you can imagine, help was not sent and they were massacred.

Nowadays this place could surely convince you there might be some higher power that created such beauty. As an agnostic (a term that I found on Wikipedia, basically meaning a hopeful atheist), I could relate to that.


Bezbog is equally enticing with or without snow. As a ski resort it’s a cheaper and much less developed alternative to Bansko. If snow allows it, it has one of the longest and varied ski track in Bulgaria. Yes, “track” as in “one track”. And the 1978-lift ride takes about 30 minutes but if you are patient and like to rest between each 5-km downhill, it’s ok.

At summer, place is a great starting point for hikes in Pirin. You can reach the lift by car 11km from Dobrinishte, park there and go for a hike. Climbing the namesake peak or going to Popovo lake makes for a great day trip. Even hanging out at the chalet and the Bezbog lake is nice enough.

Bezbog peak

Feel free to write me for some ideas about hiking in Bulgaria. I am not a mountain guide (though a licensed tour guide) but I can definitely help. Other great places that you can visit in Pirin mountain are the highest peak Vihren or the region of Tevno lake (around 5 hours hiking from Bezbog, totally deserves a separate article).

Sunset over Pirin mountain in Bulgaria

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