Gran vistas of Barcelona

Seeing a city from the top gives you a whole new perspective on it.

While sometimes it might be harder to find a good observation spot, I believe almost all places have at least one good high point. Some of them even collect an entrance fee (going as high as 30USD at Empire State and 30EUR at Burj Khalifa, for example). In my city, most of the nice high spots are free or at the price of a drink.

This was the case in Barcelona as well. A city that’s blessed with a combination of a couple of hills and a long sea stretch (the latest being sorely missed in Sofia). So here’s my top 4+1 places to see Barcelona from above:

  1. Bunkers (Canons) del Carmel
  2. Montjuïc
  3. Arenas de Barcelona
  4. W Hotel
  5. Tibidabo*

Tibidabo sunset

Starting backwards, *the only reason for Tibidabo to not be higher in the rankings is the fact the we actually did not manage to go there this time. I have read and seen that it’s quite impressive with the amusement park adding to the setting.

Evening at the beach

Next on the list is the W hotel which was recommended to me by a friend. The Eclipse bar on the 26th floor was full (not surprising at all) but we still managed to enjoy the panorama at the beach. Only downside – it was not open air. Well, I may not even dare to open a window at that height…

View from the top (W Hotel)

Arenas de Barcelona (shopping mall)

Corrida was banned in Catalunya in 2012. The last bullfight at the Arenas de Barcelona was actually held in 1977. Since then it was turned into a… shopping mall. The terrace on the top gives you a great view of Plaça d’Espanya, Barcelona fair and Palau Nacional (hosting Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya).

You can use the elevator for 1EUR (which you can get back if you spend some money at the restaurants on top) or you can use the stairs inside (yes, free!).

Palau Nacional, Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya


Number 2. You can get to Montjuïc walking from Arenas or you can take the funicular from the beach. Either way, I highly recommend not only the hill and its panoramas but also a walk in the nearby Poble-sec neighbourhood. It’s central, very typical and not touristy at all. Good that I don’t have too many readers so this won’t change.

El Poble-sec

Palau Nacional, Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

And the winner is…

Bunkers (Canons) del Carmel

In moments like these, my camera feels a bit too small (if this panorama feels small as well, click on the photo to open it in full screen). Yet in moments like these, you might want to leave the camera and take thousands of mental pictures. Cause no matter how good a photographer you are, there’s no way to share those feelings.

As for the place itself, I really don’t want to tell you straight away the easiest way to get there. It’s already getting too popular so I leave it up to you to explore this side of Barcelona. Just make sure to wait for the sunset and hopefully clouds would spare you. Feel free to write me and ask about directions 🙂

Bunkers (Canons) del Carmel

Bunkers (Canons) del Carmel

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