Barcelona fairy tale

It’s impossible to describe such a city after just a four-day visit.

That’s why I’ve decided to split the tale. Three parts are focused on small details that left a mark on us, namely street music, gorgeous panorama spots and one loud narrow passageway that was home for four days. This is the other chapter of our narrative. Basically, captioned highlights from the 149 photos in BCN gallery.

Barcelona metro

Metro in Barcelona is very convenient and there’s air conditioning in the trains. The only problems – it’s hundred degrees in the platforms and tunnels

Boqueria market

Boqueria market

La Boqueria is probably the most touristy market in Barcelona but it was awesome for breakfast and one of the few places with such a variety of freshly-squeezed juices

Runner Bean Free Tours

We joined the family-run Runner Bean Free Tours for an Old City walk and were lucky enough to be guided by one of the founders – Gorka (on the left). Thank you, Gorka!

Church windowA rose window (or Catherine window) is often used as a generic term applied to a circular window, Wikipedia says

Countdown to referendum

The final countdown to a cancelled referendum

Barcelona beach in October

Weather in October was perfect for the beach – around 25°C both in and outside of the water

La Barceloneta

Only problem – annoying street vendors offering anything from beach towels to massages; they were visiting us every 2 minutes

No wi-fi, talk!

Indeed, forget about your phone and talk to your fellow travellers. The other sign in this place said: “We don’t speak English but we make the best tapas (the word they used was ‘cojonudos‘)

La Sagrada Família

Salamander at Park Güell

The most popular spots – Sagrada Familia and Park Güell Barcelona were packed as we expected. Booking in advance was definitely useful

Fairy tale La Sagrada Família

Still, Sagrada Familia was one of the most pleasant Catholic churches I have visited. It’s hard to describe but the space does not feel rigid or strict. Gaudi made sure the building feels very natural (the columns, for example, remind of a forest). Even the statue of Jesus Christ is very … disco or superstar.

La Sagrada Família

Best bars were also filled with people. Here’s one of the recommended spots – Can Paixano or La Champaneria. Cheap cava by the bottle and good tapas

La Champañeria (Can Paixano), Barcelona

El Raval barri

Barcelona has a dark side as well that goes by the name of Raval. Actually, this quarter is one of the most colourful ones (check my other photos) but is dodgy nonetheless. It’s also home to the great gin&tonic bar Pesca Salada

Homes without people, people without homes

Some graffiti reminding us that the world needs some fixing – red letters reading ‘homes without people, people without homes

El Poble-sec, Barcelona on a Saturday afternoon

Other neighbourhoods felt more homey, such as Poble-sec. While the lady was setting the table, the guy was preparing the paella. And I think the rest of the neighbourhood was taking apéritif in the nearby bar while anticipating the feastQuimet & Quimet - El Poble-sec, best tapas in the world

Feast is what we had as well at the famous Quimet & Quimet – by my humble opinion the best tapas bar in the whole of Barcelona

Santa Maria growshop

P.S. Did you know that in Barcelona marijuana is just as legal and accessible for the locals as in the Netherlands?

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