Spotted by locals weekend in Amsterdam

I have always loved to be able to meet people from all over the world. Who doesn’t? I am originally a very shy person (yes!) but travelling and tour guiding has allowed me to be more open. Seeing the sights is great but some of my most incredible experiences and dearest memories from travel are connected with the people you meet on the road.

That’s why I am really excited I could meet 100+ people from all over the world during the Spotted by Locals 2014 Spotters Weekend at the end of October. A weekend is not enough to get to know people but even if you exchange only a couple of sentences with most of them, usually the shared experiences brings you closer and make the world a smaller place.

This weekend sounds like tons of fun – sleeping on a boat in Amsterdam, getting to try dozens of national dishes (and drinks, of course), playing Dutch games, seeing a city that I know very well through the eyes of locals and foreigners and much more. Last time (in 2012), they rented a special antique tram to take them to dinner. Quite the ride, I imagine.

All in all, these are some of the stories that you don’t forget…

Discussing the Scottish referendum with locals weeks before the actual date, realizing this might your last visit in Scotland as part of UK.

Seeing people from Palestine and Israel party together and discuss international relations at a summer school in Crete.

Sharing an international dinner with 25+ nationalities, having Kosovars and Serbian sitting at the same table at a summer school in Prague.

Hearing dishes being broken by Latin Americans at a party, organized by a half-Greek/half-Colombian guy during a Master’s in the Netherlands. And dancing. Lots of it.

Welcoming people from more than 150 countries visiting Bulgaria, some of them travelling around the world on bike, boat or even foot.

Finding out that “topola/топола” means the same thing in Bulgarian and Polish while doing a traineeship in the European Parliament in Brussels.

There’s no way to fight curiosity and wanderlust after this.

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