Iceland on a budget

Are you looking for cheap holidays? Then Iceland is… NOT your place.

For a country that went bankrupt it is still quite expensive. Yet we managed to keep it relatively low. The funny thing is that we never used any money in Iceland. The change office that claims to have all worlds currencies in Bulgaria did not have any krónur so we left with just plastic.

As it turned out, this was more than enough. Even a mountain cafe after 4km of gravel road had a POS terminal. So I was curious how the currency looked and specifically asked at a cafe 🙂 The girl at the counter was nice enough to show me their newest 10000 bill.


Here’s an overview of our main expenditures fyi:


A mini camper van from Go Campers, fits 2, with all insurances and a second driver
= 644 EUR / 4 days

Diesel for around 1300km
 160 EUR.


A one day super-jeep tour to Laki mountain with Hólasport (50km one-way)
205 EUR / person


Some fancier local food, crab soup or lobsters:
20 EUR for soup, 40 EUR for main dish

Great recommended restaurants in Iceland for seafood:
Rauða Húsið in Eyrarbakki
Fjöruborðið in Stokkseyri

Shop food for camping for 2 ppl for 4 days:
100 EUR


Return flight Edinburgh – Reykjavík with Easyjet
150 EUR

We did not pay for accommodation, just some campings which were around 5 EUR/person. Rest was some entrance fees, no more than 3-5 EUR each.

Hope this is useful if you are planning a trip to Iceland. For a more detailed overview about prices in Iceland, check the incredibly useful Price of Travel website.

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