Case of the lost luggage in Scotland

Have you had your luggage delayed or lost at an airport? I did. It would have been quite a trivial story if it wasn’t for the fact that the suitcase arrived on the 4th day of our trip. It reached our destination before me at the house of an AirBNB host.


We had planned a 6-day road trip around Scotland (check my photos here) before returning to Edinburgh to catch a flight for four days in Iceland. Apart from some things needed for the specific weather conditions in these countries, when you get your luggage delayed, you realize how few things you actually need. Of course, it always helps if you have a friend almost your size to help you.

Long story short – they found it on the second day back in Frankfurt (the transfer airport) and sent it to Edinburgh. By the time the couriers got it, it was already too late to send it so it left on the third day with a promise to arrive on the fourth. However, on the same day they called me to say my luggage would be there at Inverness 9pm. Only problem, I was still on the Isle of Skye. However, my host was nice enough to receive it and keep it for me!

The punchline: always keep some basics in the cabin luggage for a day or two.

Big thumbs up for Turkish Airlines for providing me with a “first-aid” kit at Edinburgh Airport 🙂 Toiletries, a T-shirt and some underwear. Funny thing is that I actually flew with Lufthansa! However, both the Germans and the local courries THS Couriers and City Bags proved to be much less user-friendly. 20+ calls in 4 days and they still managed to screw up the delivery. I had the option to buy some supplies on Lufthansa expense but did not bother. I am that nice.

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