The melting pot of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a melting pot. It’s a very small pot but it sure is melting. Foreign residents represent around half of the population (numbers vary from 44 to 60+ %).This landlocked country saw a transformation from a poor agricultural state to one of the richest countries in the world (if you take GDP per capita, for example). Interestingly, Luxembourg did not have a university until 2003. This meant that students had to go to other countries to study and usually chose their second or third language based on where they might be headed (German, if you like to focus on a technical degree, for example).

Here’s more of Luxembourg’s fairy tale in photos:

Bad weather was expected of Luxembourg

Yet, there were some quite nice days and it was far from Bulgaria’s summer heat


Where it all began… Schuman and Monnet would lay here the foundations of the European Coal and Steel Community

European coal and steel community

So Luxembourg became and important seat for the European institutions

European Parliament, Konrad Adenauer building

The city is a great mixture of old and new
Grand Duke's Palace

There are some nice local (for example, at the Ilôt Gastronomique Food Mall) and international restaurants. A great idea is the sunday brunch at Bouneweger Stuff

Goethe Stuff, Ilôt Gastronomique Food Mall

Bouneweger Stuff sunday brunch

A for later at night, a beer factory turned party ground

Clausen, la brasserie Mousel

Getting out of the city is quite easy, 4EUR day ticket for the whole country

Direction: Ettelbruck

Vianden with the medieval festival in the castle and Clervaux were awesome places to visit

Vianden castle

Vianden medieval festival

On the way back

A great finish of a lovely weekend is a violin orchestra concert in a church

Alina Baeva in concert

Going to the graveyard might seem weird but the American and German cemeteries were an awesome hidden spot. You can see all around the gratitude of Luxembourg to US

Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial

Never forget.

Sandweiler German war cemetery

All my photos from Luxembourg could be seen in my Flickr account.

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