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I love going back to a place after I’ve already crossed the must-sees and must-dos. I love going to a place just to meet friends, not caring about touristy stuff. Yet, this feeling is often mixed with the burning feeling that there are so many new places to visit while world’s resources are limited (time and $… and probably oil).

This is my personal chart of my most visited cities/regions. Obviously, Bulgaria is not included. Neither are places such as Prague, Tilburg or Chanya where I have lived for more than a month.

Strasbourg, France – 10+ times

Brussels, Belgium – 7+ times

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 5+ times

Valletta, Malta – 2 times.
Budapest, Hungary – 2 times.
Istanbul, Turkey – 2 times
Belgrade, Serbia – 2 times

Yes, I know. It’s quite boring.

As you may have guessed, the reason for most these places was not just leisure. I go to Strasbourg almost every month for the European Parliament’s plenary sessions. I was in Brussels for my EP traineeship, some trainings, as well as two EPSO assessment centres back in 2011 and 2012 as part of my job application. As for Amsterdam, I have lived in Netherlands for a year and have very good friends there. Also I am going for the Spotted by Locals get-together.

If you are curious, you can see my personal map of all the places I have been to. And yes, I still haven’t been out of Europe. Soon.

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